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African. Urban. Ethical.
The Wardrobe Africa is growing to become Africa’s leading network of established and emerging African designers.
The Fashion industry in Africa has continued to grow over the years in tremendous strides and scale, with 54 countries and countless number of fashion designers, we are here to tell the Fashion story one dress at a time.

Think of Sisi, a young, passionate designer in her 20s. After two years in fashion school, Sisi is finally a certified designer and sets up shop in Akure city.[or] Sisi lives and works in Akure, Nigeria; creating the most beautiful pieces, by making use of local (homegrown) fabric and resources. Sisi dreams that someday, her designs will be worn by people all over the world. But with her limited capital, Her dreams can only go as far as her dainty looking shop. Our duty is to make sure Sisi’s stories gets told, by connecting her with an array of clients, all over the world.

Currently, we have about 20 designers with over 100 unique, carefully curated designers, all for your shopping pleasure. Whenever you shop on TWA, you are buying an elegant piece of ethical African inspired fashion and, bringing joy to every Sisi that exists.

Like wine, we only get better with time.